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Misty's Bio

Equal parts nonprofit coach, organizational strategist, and digital expert, I midwife organizations through critical times of change.

I have helped NGOs and nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to structure critical initiatives, from creating complex communications properties to crafting team structures and workflows to plotting digital-first tech ecosystems for engaging supporters and advancing a cause. My expertise spans assessing opportunities for an organization to grow, creating strategic and tactical roadmaps to get there, and supporting the process of implementing the necessary change.

As faculty with the Nonprofit Technology Network's Professional Certificate program, I taught courses to help organizations build their in-house digital marketing, fundraising, and advocacy capacity. Prior to Cause Craft, I served as VP of Consulting at Jackson River, a technology company that focuses on supporting progressive organizations in shifting to digital-first ways of thinking and working. I previously spent 8 years founding and leading a user experience consulting group at Convio, helping hundreds of organizations to better understand their audiences and meet their supporters' needs. My deep love of the social sector began 15+ years ago, working on the inside of early nonprofit digital teams as a content manager and digital strategist.

I have a Master's degree in User Experience and Information Science and have chaired a tiny nonprofit board on a shoestring budget. By night, I'm a writer, advocate for flexible work and family policies, and mother of two young sons raising them in The Netherlands.

My personal mission is to help organizations effectively project their cause into the world.

Alice's Bio

I help nonprofits find creative, people-oriented solutions to complex strategy and technology problems.

I've provided executive coaching, organization development, process design, and staffing strategy to nonprofit leaders across the sector. My expertise lies in marketing, online fundraising, political engagement, website strategy, social and mobile media, marketing automation, and brand empowerment. But my particular gift involves identifying the intelligence and wisdom within nonprofits and offering a holistic approach to making organizational change.

In 2008, after years of helping nonprofits as VP of Client Service at Get Active and Managing Partner at Kintera, I co-founded a technology company, Jackson River, out of the belief that the nonprofit sector deserves access to powerful, corporate-scale software for engaging supporters online. We created Springboard, an open, “best in class” software platform for digital engagement. Although in my consulting practice I am firmly technology agnostic, I am often called upon by organizations to help them evaluate solutions to match their ambitious strategies. My advice is informed by many years of “seeing it all” when it comes to CRM and campaign tech, and strong commitments to helping organizations scale and grow their capacity.

I frequently give talks about how to translate corporate concepts like “customer experience,” marketing automation, and customer journeys to the nonprofit sector.

I'm a certified Transformational Coach and a certified health coach. I'm also an Anthropologist and student of Native American culture, binge-watcher of crime procedurals, and mother to two (almost) grown children. By the numbers, I count 20+ years working exclusively with nonprofits; 150+ causes assisted; and too many RFPs and TORs to count.

My personal mission is to help nonprofits thrive in a digital world.

Justin's Bio

I work with nonprofits—because I’ve worked for nonprofits—to create tangible, sustainable change in the world with limited technology and resources.

My expertise spans organizational dynamics and development, CRM strategy, data governance, support operations, and business process engineering. I have a particular knack for helping leverage the commitment nonprofit folx make every day to their missions and causes, and allowing their empathy and grit to form the foundation on which to build holistic long-term strategies.

I have served on the staff of such recognized change makers as the American Civil Liberties Union (as Director of Data Operations and Strategy) and The Pew Charitable Trusts (Business Analyst), focused on providing organizations with the tools to promote data-driven decision making across fundraising, advocacy, and digital engagement. I previously led product development for the Cultural Data Project (CDP), now SMU DataArts, building software solutions for arts and cultural organizations and grantmakers to collect and leverage their financial and programmatic data for advocacy and philanthropy. Most recently, I led the implementation of the ACLU’s enterprise Salesforce CRM, and managed analytics program operations for the ACLU National Headquarters and 53 nationwide affiliates. I have also consulted as a technology strategist and project manager in industries ranging from fitness to software development to public interest law.

My Master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania has given me a unique ability to pair organizational strategy with thoughtful, holistic technology change. In my off-hours, I’m a writer, singer, and voracious student of leadership, antiracism & intersectional justice, and personal spiritual growth. I live in Jersey City with my partner and the three best-behaved cats in the world.

My personal mission is to put people first and make them feel seen, heard, and valued.

Mason's Bio

I have spent more than 15 years helping nonprofits to build digital teams and create strategies to support their advocacy, fundraising, and brand-awareness goals. My experience reaches from global confederations to local communities.


At Oxfam America, I oversaw digital campaigns that engaged supporters in the global fight against poverty, leading a team of talented experts in social media, email marketing, web development, and data analytics. I have written fundraising activation plans for humanitarian emergencies and used digital platforms to push for policy change at national and global levels. My interest in fundraising led me to Boston Children’s Hospital, where I aided the organization’s transition to digital-first engagement for donors and event participants. Since my first nonprofit marketing work with Democracy in Action in the early days of digital, I have been endlessly curious about the alchemy of skills that nonprofits need to support their missions, and the processes that connect people within organizations to do their best work. 


I hold a Master’s degree in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University with a focus on emerging technology and social change. You can find me outside of Boston, Massachusetts, with my spouse and twins.

Simone's Bio

I am an equal-opportunity truth teller and accountability holder who helps organizations navigate critical, complex, high-intensity initiatives with calm objectivity.

As a career nonprofit person, I have worked on both the business and operational sides of organizations, with jobs from volunteer manager to fundraising officer to database support, business analysis, and product management for organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, Jersey Cares, and the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty. At the ACLU, I led the strategic roadmap for their custom Salesforce CRM of 200 million+ records, used by 425 fundraisers nationwide. Most recently, I helped define, build, train and launch an integrated financial and fundraising system for the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. As a consultant, I draw from all these experiences to design relevant, human-centric solutions supported by enterprise-scale technical acumen.

My work is informed by a BS in Business Management from Rutgers University and a variety of certifications in Salesforce Administration, Volunteer Management, and Data Analytics. My personal dream is to create a more diverse and inclusive equestrian community as a plus-sized, queer latina rider. I live in Portland, Oregon with my partner and our Welsh Corgi.

My mission is to provide truth, insight and recommendations to empower nonprofits to support the long-term success of their products and their people.

Jackie's Bio

I empower nonprofits to confidently implement meaningful change through empathy, analysis, and a focus on process.

Working in nonprofits for the last decade, I’ve held a wide range of roles — from direct service in health centers to leading national education programs. In that time, I gathered an expertise in motivating teams, moving metrics, and translating complex concepts to diverse audiences. I leverage data to inform program development and strategy. I've implemented educational interventions on a broad range of topics for organizations like Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union.

My Master’s degree in Public Health from Boston University has transformed my approach with an equity lens and structural framework. I look at each project or program as an opportunity to create and sustain organizational impact through evidence-based practice.

Outside of the professional world, I am an avid listener of audiobooks and podcasts that challenge my thinking; I’m perpetually inquisitive. I have a flourishing little family in Hoboken, New Jersey, including my driven spouse, a human child who is filled with moxie, and a sweet pup.

My personal mission is to center and support people so that they can manifest the mission of their organization.

We hail from the online fundraising and advocacy tech sector, where too often we’ve observed our clients – nonprofits with excellent staff and tremendous passion – struggle against impossible constraints: poor workflows, lack of executive buy-in or understanding, too little time to grow their skills or keep pace with emerging strategy.

And we get it: how many hats nonprofit staff must wear every day; how tech often drives strategy instead of the other way around; how new digital channels are requiring warp-speed evolution; and how an organization’s culture impacts its staff’s well-being and ultimately its supporters’ experience of the cause.

Our purpose is to support the social sector with the craft of sustaining effective causes, building organizations’ comms, development, marketing, advocacy, & digital capacity in order to effectively deliver their programmatic work to the outside world.

We are high-integrity partners for change who will love your cause as much as you do.

When You Work With Us

We embed ourselves within an organization, gaining a deep understanding of its unique strengths and challenges, and we map an intentional course to new ways of thinking and working. We help holistically with all of it: from diagnosing what’s not working to creating long-term roadmaps for organizational change.

As consultants, you’ll find that we are honest, empathic, and skilled at working with all levels of an organization, from boards to leadership teams to the junior staff who make the work happen. We know our strengths, and we’re up-front when you have a need we can’t meet (though from our many years in the social sector, we probably know who can).

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