Cause Craft is a collective of smart, thoughtful, nonprofit- and NGO-focused consultants. We are woman-owned and led, founded by nonprofit industry veterans Alice Hendricks and Misty McLaughlin. We are a small-scale, high-impact consulting company that supports the social sector with the craft of sustaining effective causes.

We hold these values in highest regard and seek clients who share these values.

Integrity & Authenticity

We tell the truth to ourselves, each other, and our clients. We help organizations seek ethical, high-integrity solutions for their cause. We bring our whole, authentic selves to work, and we hold space for our clients to do the same.

Culture-Informed, Ethnographic Approaches

We go deep with our clients, learning their organizational culture and using appreciative inquiry to build upon their existing strengths.

Creating Capacity, Not Dependency

We work in service of the long-term success and sustainability of our clients. We seek to develop their resources, not their reliance on us.

Care & Compassion

We lead with empathy. We consult with the knowledge and sensitivity that our recommendations may impact the lives and well-being of our clients’ staff, partners, and constituents.

Learning & Growth

We consciously invest in growing our expertise and broadening our perspectives. We believe in a growth mindset; we ask probing questions; and we seek solutions that honor the complexities of modern organizations and humans.

Equity & Justice

We are abolitionists committed to the liberation of all beings. We are anti-racist. We believe that the nonprofit sector can lead the way to gender, racial, economic, environmental and other forms of justice.

In practice, this means: