We help nonprofits & NGOs build capacity for engaging supporters.

What We Do

Behind every world-changing cause is the social sector's other half: the communications, marketing, fundraising, digital, and advocacy folks who raise awareness and motivate support.

We help these teams build their internal capacity through all aspects of successful organizational change.

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Work & Clients

How We're Different

Strengthening cause-based organizations is our craft. We are high-integrity partners for change who will love your cause as much as you do.

About Us

What Our Clients Say

“I stepped into the Chief Development Officer role at Doctors Without Borders with a vision for scalable, donor-centric fundraising, informed by market research and supported by modern technology. Cause Craft is fluent in the strategy and tactics required for successful marketing and donor engagement in a digital world, and has helped us structure the team, right-size the tech investment, and articulate an approach to data and CRM that will help us bolster our fundraising and amplify MSF’s impact for years to come.”

Kim Goldsmith-N’Diaye, Director of Development
Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders USA

“The way that Cause Craft embeds with their clients is remarkable. They work so closely with our team and are so diligent in their approach that they feel like an extension of our staff. They're also nimble, scaling up their bench as needed and adapting plans mid-project to help us mitigate challenges as they emerge, while keeping us grounded in the outcomes we're looking to achieve. They have truly lived into their promise of getting "in the trenches" with us to ensure the best possible success for our organization.”

Elizabeth Nielsen, SVP of Digital & Direct Marketing
Feeding America

“Cause Craft was the perfect partner to help illuminate the next strategic step in our evolution. Justin Birdsong and Alice Hendricks embedded themselves in SMU DataArts to get a deep sense of stakeholder perceptions and needs. They nailed the framing of key issues and technical needs, and helped crystalize the clear path forward. They are consummate listeners and thought partners who go the extra mile. We’re eternally grateful for their wise counsel.”

Zannie Giraud Voss, Ph.D., Director
SMU DataArts

“Misty McLaughlin and Alice Hendricks are among the most effective consultants with whom I’ve ever had the opportunity to work. Their knowledge of the digital space is unparalleled. One of the things I find most valuable about their counsel is that they pay attention to the particular details and needs of my organization and consistently provide right-sized advice and solutions.”

DeDe Dunevant, VP of Communications
Physicians for Human Rights

“Working with Alice and Misty is like a master's class in marrying the needs of our organization with the needs of our constituents via an online experience. Unlike working with some other consultants, which can feel like paying someone to document what you already know but don't have time to do yourself, working with Misty and Alice is different: They always seem to find that insight that is a few steps further — and better — than what you already know.”

Jennifer Ryan, Digital Director
Catholic Relief Services

Work & Clients

Where To Find Us

We're based in Boston, MA and The Netherlands. But we're frequently on the road with clients and speaking at social-sector events. Come join us!

Nonprofit Tech Conference (Denver, CO, USA)

We're speaking! Join Alice, Misty and Mason as they talk about how Development and Comms teams can work better together.

Association of Fundraising Professionals ICON

Join us in NOLA to hear about the latest in fundraising and digital engagement strategies!